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Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre hosting diaper drive

Participants report it’s a struggle to pay for bills and groceries, including diapers

At Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre, our daily engagement with families allows us to understand their overall experiences, and we endeavour to be responsive to emerging needs.

In recent weeks families have reported that the ever-increasing cost of living leaves them having to make tough decisions with their money, and often they don’t have enough to buy diapers.

“Children need clean diapers to be healthy and develop to their fullest potential.”

-Laurie Fagan, executive director at Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre

In response to the need identified by our participants, we are asking Edmontonians to donate diapers.

Our diaper drive “clean where it counts” is launching May 13 and ending May 31. People can donate diapers of all sizes at:

Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre- 9516 -114 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Monetary donations can be made in-person at Norwood Centre, via e-transfer to or through our website here.

In their first three months of life, babies need their diapers changed every 2-3 hours; in one day a baby will need approximately 12 diapers. If buying Kirkland Signature Diapers from Costco, in boxes of 192, families would need around two boxes per month, costing around $70 before tax. Imagine having to choose between $70 worth of food or diapers.

Donate today so families don’t have to make that decision! Help us keep children clean where it counts.

We will also be accepting:

  • baby wipes

  • baby formula


Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre has been a community hub for children and families since 1963. Norwood Centre responds to a wide variety of family circumstances and provides free, culturally diverse programming throughout Edmonton. We nurture trusting relationships, empower families to access resources and services, and support optimal child development. Norwood Centre is a safe gathering place that brings individuals together with a focus on prevention and early intervention to support healthy, well-functioning families.



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