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Family Support Program

Our Family Support Program is a longer-term, goal-oriented support for when tougher challenges like financial distress, single parenthood, illness or disability, social isolation, housing issues, etc., interfere with your ability to focus on parenting.

Your Norwood Family Support Worker (FSW) will visit you in your home and help you create a plan based on goals you choose and prioritize for yourself, your family, and your household. Your FSW is a source of support for your child's ongoing development in their critical early years, connections, information, encouragement, and advocacy.

Call 780-471-3737 for more information.

Program Highlights:

  • weekly or bi-weekly in-home support 

  • goal setting 

  • child development information and activities 

  • parent education 

  • family support 

  • referrals to other services

How does the process work?

Family Support Services are 100% voluntary and driven by your goals.

You are the expert in your family’s well-being, so you lead the process.


Your Family Support Worker will help you talk through what you want for your family and home. One of the tools used may be the “Steps to Success” cards to help you choose and prioritize goals.


For example: is learning completing your resume your priority right away, or do you need to learn new cooking skills first? What you choose to focus on is up to you—your FSW is there to help and guide you.

Common goals:

  • connecting with community

  • getting child(ren) to listen

  • keeping your home clean and safe

  • preparing a healthy dinner every night

  • establishing healthy routines

  • learning about child development and age appropriate expectations

  • having healthy relationships

  • navigating Children and Family Services involvement


“Steps to Success” cards.

What parents say:

"My worker was very supportive and went to great lengths to ensure my family had the support from the program to build a healthy and sustainable situation for us."

"My support worker is so kind, She always ready to help me and my son. I could share everything with her. I also appreciate the programs arranged by Norwood. I have completed over two years with this organization any my support worker. I am highly satisfied with the services."

"It's been a very wonderful experience being with Norwood as I have gone through extensive trauma/stressful situations. I have come along way with the home visit helping me for situations as well as getting support with reassessing my son with his autism. We are so grateful forever."

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