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Since 1963, Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre has been supporting optimal child development and healthy parenting in some of Edmonton’s most economically and socially challenged neighbourhoods.

But now, we need your help to keep going.  

Help secure Norwood Centre's future and donate today!


Your donation supports Norwood Centre's programs. With the help of generous donors like you, we can continue to provide high-quality programming to our children and families.
Make a difference today and support our vision of
Healthy Children • Healthy Families • Healthy Communities!

Alicia's Story

Parent Testimonials

“I have been able to go to work consistently with the help I am getting and taking care of my sick partner. My family is practicing more consistency with the routines and was able to have better sleep. Children are now more sociable and there are changes in behavior too. I would have lost my job, Instead, I got promoted and my relationship is secure.”

Nothing I have to offer, but I am pleased & happy that I have someone to talk to in my motherhood journey in this country where I don't have anyone to call friend or family. Thank you for this program.

In 2023, Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre staff made over 10,000 referrals for our families to community supports for basic needs such as food, affordable housing, clothing, and furniture.

What your money does:

"My son had a wonderful time at Norwood Centre, it was like a very first school for him. Staff really helped us they loved him and gave us confidence a parents to enroll our son in further programming. As newcomers in Canada you made our life easy. and we feel loveable and worthy. Norwood treated us as a family. Still have assistance which is amazing and appreciated. Thank you Norwood Centre, God Bless you."


"The impact on the quality of life for my family and I has been huge. I’m able to have a chance to actively attend and be mentally present for all medical appointments. This has led me to build a healthy lifestyle based on my newfound ability to effectively communicate and seek necessary medical advice and attention. I’m able to have productive meetings and conversations with the various therapists my autistic son has. My daughter is thriving at Norwood Centre, her social skills and ability to interact with peers and adults has drastically improved. She is happier knowing she will be going to the respite program and playing games and learning in a loving and secure environment. Without Norwood, my daughter wouldn’t get the appropriate developmental skills she needs to thrive. As a mom, I wouldn’t have the chance to actually take care of myself to make sure I’m doing well to be a better mother. As impactful as this program has been to my family life, I know every family that participates is so grateful for such a program."


"I want to say thank you to Norwood Centre staff. Now I feel supported, loved, people care about and listen to me. I would recommend this program to anyone I know who would need help in the present or in the future."


"I honestly love the staff at Norwood Centre. They are full of good information and are so helpful. I don't feel judged. They are great at being able to provide 1-1 support so I can give my attention to my infant/toddler. Time I would not otherwise have. I love that the respite program is available to everyone."


"My husband and I are not originally from here so we don't have any support spent the last 4 years of parenthood isolated and personally feeling like we were drowning. This program & staff are amazing are so hands on, respectful, and caring. Since being involved our kids are learning tons of new things but most importantly having fun. My husband and I have few hours a week for appointments we're catching up on and really getting to spend some much needed time together and our kids have space to miss us."

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