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Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society  ~  Boyle Street Community Services ~
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers  ~  Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre ~ Terra Centre 

Collaborating for Change

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The C5 is a collaborative partnership of five leading Edmonton agencies including Terra Centre, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Boyle Street Community Services, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre. We give a voice to the 30,000 people we collectively serve.

We work differently by pooling our resources and building broader partnerships to support families who are often overwhelmed by the system. Our frontline workers effectively connect families in crisis to the resources they need so that:

  • Their children avoid being taken into care

  • The family is supported in becoming healthier

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C5 Partners
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The Bent Arrow Society is committed to building upon the strengths of Aboriginal Children, youth and families to enable them to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally so that they can walk proudly in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities

The mission of Boyle Street Community Services is to end chronic homelessness.

Its vision is to see that all people grow healthier through involvement in strong, accepting and respectful communities.​ 

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Newcomer Centre works to enhance quality of life for newcomers and all Canadians. It works to positively shape the attitudes, behaviours and practices of organizations and individuals to value the diversity that newcomers bring.


Norwood builds on the strengths of children and families through support and education to optimize child development and connect families to community.

Terra Centre is a non-profitable organization helping pregnant and parenting teens develop the self-reliance and skills to be successful parents.

Who We Serve

The C5 Partners:

Who We Serve

The C5 gives a voice to over 30,000 Edmontonians. Between us we support and empower:

  • Some of the most economically, socially and culturally excluded and marginalized children, youth and adults in our inner city

  • Indigenous individuals and families

  • Newcomers, immigrants and refugees

  • Children and their families living in vulnerable situations

  • Teen parents

Collective Action in the Community

Collective Action

Together with partners we’re working to overcome barriers in the system using our experience in service delivery. That means collaborating on specific initiatives where collective action achieves stronger outcomes for families and communities – initiatives such as Ubuntu.

Changing the System

Changing the System

As a knowledgeable community resource, we inform and influence social policy and we’re a sounding board for decision makers in all levels of government. Most importantly we bring the perspectives of the thousands of people we work with to the table, shaping policy and decisions to truly reflect their realities, hope and dreams.

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