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Welcome to our 2022 blog series: Core Concepts in Early Childhood Development

At Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre, we focus on optimal brain development for children under six years old. These early years are critical for child development—what children experience before they turn five years old sets the trajectory for the rest of their lives.

We provide a school readiness program and a parent respite childcare program with trained staff that support children's healthy brain development through play. In fact, our commitment to early childhood development is so high that every member of our staff - from our early childhood educators to our finance manager - is required to attain Brain Story Certification.

But we also recognize that every child's first teachers and biggest influencers are their parents and/or other primary caregivers. And we believe that every parent/caregiver, no matter what their circumstances, will work just as hard or harder than we do to nurture the biggest, healthiest brain possible in their child. They just need the knowledge and tools.

That's why we offer a variety of completely free parenting classes, and why we are launching this blog series all focused on the core concepts behind healthy child development. Accompanying each blog article will be daily social media posts to illustrate, explain, and provide examples for each concept.

The concepts we will be covering throughout 2022 are:

January You Are Your Child's First and Most Important Teacher

February Play, a Child’s Work

March Science and Early Childhood

April Developmental Milestones

May Developmental Domains

June Social Development

July Physical Development

August Language Development

September Intellectual Development

October Creative Play

November Emotional Development

December Growing Together

Follow along with us on Facebook or Instagram and learn all about optimal development for your own child or any children you interact with. Or, you can subscribe to have the blog posts delivered to your email inbox via our monthly e-newsletter, which also provides information on upcoming parenting classes, parent and child drop-in play groups, and special events at Norwood Centre.


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