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Don't throw it away, get creative!

Wondering what to do with your socks that have lost their matches? Let your child transform them into puppets!


This activity stimulates self-expression as children create their own puppets, stories, and imaginary adventures. Children choose their own materials to create the puppets' features, name their puppet, and think of things that their puppets can do (like singing, dancing, cooking, reading, etc.).


Gather the socks, craft supplies, and glue. Let your child take the lead on how they want their puppet to look: even if their puppets start looking a bit abstract, go with it!

Child attaching ribbons to a stick
You can create with anything! Let your child lead the way.

Since this craft is all about exploring creativity, there’s no right or wrong way to piece together a puppet! Materials: 1. Socks 2. Googly eyes or buttons* 3. Markers 5. Pieces of string or yarn 6. Glue

Once the puppet (or puppets) is ready, ask your child to put on a puppet show, act out their favorite book, or sing and dance along to their favorite songs with their puppet(s).*You can also help your child sew their chosen pieces to the puppet if you like.

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