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Learning through play: 6 things to do with your child

From the Head Start team

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn about the world around them. Through play, they have the opportunity to discover, explore and be creative.

To help your child be successful, provide them with plenty of play time - this includes you and them playing together! Play develops important skills and behaviors in early childhood.

Activities you and your child can do together:

  1. Read to your child every day - even if it means reading the same book more than 100 times. It takes more than 5,000 "reads" to become a reader.

  2. Ask your child about the books you read together, using questions like " Why did you like the story?', " Which story is your favorite?" and "What do you think is going to happen next?"

  3. Play board games, puzzles and card games like 'Go Fish'.

  4. Get hands on using playdough, finger paints, beads and blocks.

  5. Bake together! Make cookies or muffins or your whatever your family's favourite snack is.

  6. Visit the playground often so your child can meet other children and stay physically active.

  7. Use art materials like crayons, paints, play dough, scissors and paper to encourage creative expression.

  8. Praise your child's drawings, paintings, and writings, and put them up on the fridge or around the house to show you value their work.

Remember to follow your child's lead - what are they interested in, what do they want to do, and how do they want to use the materials around them?!


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