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Engage with the community, with your children!

1.Join a Community Garden 

Community Gardens are a great way to introduce your budding gardeners to nature, they teach your child about growing your own produce, and they are a way to get involved with your community as a family. For affordable gardening supplies Dollarama has gardening tools and gloves for little hands. 

Follow the link to find the community garden closest to you: 


2.Check out a Festival 

Did you know that Edmonton is known as Festival City; hosting about “50 unique festivals a year”.

Check out websites like Explore Edmonton, or to explore upcoming festivals. 

3.Picnic, Parks, Spray parks and pools 

  • Pack a Summer Go Bag 

  • Check out the times that pool and spray parks are open 

  • Look up the weather but also be prepared, it’s Edmonton the saying goes "Wait 15 minutes and the weather might change"

  • If there is anything at the park that is broken or not supposed to be there call 311, you have the right to take your child to a clean and safe park 

  • Park Hop (great website for finding new parks to explore) 


4.Going for walks around your neighborhood  

  • Scavenger hunts can keep children involved during walks an, a simple scavenger hunt is a Colour Hunt looking for varying items of different colours

  • I spy or variations of I Spy such as I smell, or I hear 

  • Mixing walking with running  

  • Looking for Nature treasures such as neat rocks or pinecones, etc. 

  • Play games like Red Light Green Light 


5.Check out your local Community Association  

  • Did you know with community league membership you can perks, deals and discounts to local businesses, such as reduce rates for the City of Edmonton Recreation Centres through the Community League Wellness Program

  • Each Community League runs a variety of different activities and programs. 

  • Can connect your children to various sports leagues 


Check out this link to learn about your local community association  


6.Edmonton Public Library 

Tips for the library: Sign up for a Library Card.  

  • When you sign up a child 36 months and younger along with their library card, they receive a book and an illustrated songs and rhymes booklet. (The library also has a electronic versions in 5 different languages) 

  • Check out the schedule or calendar for your local Libraries and Recreation Centre 

  • No library in your area? Check out the EPL website for their online Sing Laugh and Learn groups and the schedule for the epl2go Pop-Up

  • epl2go Pop-up Library will not just have books but will have fun free activities  

  • -here are also fun to be had at the different library locations check out  to learn more


7.Edmonton Recreation Centres 

  • There are registered and drop-in programs for all ages 

  • Check out the schedule before going 

  • Some locations have indoor playgrounds for those rainy day 

  • Apply for the Low-Income Leisure access pass for free access or check out your workplace benefits for discounted rates for passes  

  • Pack a summer Go bag and adapted it for the activities (such as socks for the indoor play park) 



8.Check out you closest Family Resource Centre 

Check out their schedules or drop-in to a location to find out more 


At Norwood Centre our team of qualified Early Childhood Development Subject Matter Experts work to provide tools that caregivers can use to support early childhood development. We hear you! If you have a question or concern, please ask us. We have a variety of Child Development Activities available on our website, find them at For short-term one-on-one coaching, please call us at 780-471-3737.

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