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Imaginative play helps children express and explore ideas

In Discovery Community*, simple materials such as fabric help to promote imaginative thinking in children.

One day, a scarf landed on the vent and was blown upwards in circles by the air coming from the vent. This motion captured a child’s attention who immediately responded by bringing in another scarf and a toy firetruck. They shared with an educator that the firetruck was “putting out a fire.” The play kept on until the child added a magnetic wand and a bean bag toy. “Marshmallow,” the child said.

Supporting imaginative play helps children express and explore their ideas as well as promote the use of language through sharing stories. To encourage a child in play, ask questions like, "can you tell me about what you are playing?" or "what's going to happen now?"


*Norwood's Discovery Community is for children aged three to six. It provides play-based care for our


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