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What can we learn from planning a tea party?

Planning a party involves organization, memory and attention to detail!

The outcome of this activity is to help your child think and act on tasks in a certain order (planning, recalling, and processing new information), building their capacity to make decisions as well as finding alternative ways to accomplish goals (problem solving).


Hosting a tea party.


  • Let your child take the lead. Ask what they will need to set up a tea party.

  • Together, make a list or draw the objects you'll need (depending on your child’s age).

  • Go around the house to look for the objects and utensils (toy version or real-life objects) needed for the party.

  • After finding all the elements, set up together and enjoy the tea party!

Materials needed:

Utensils, tea pot, teacups, table cover, props (if you and your child want to make it fancy), and whatever else your child plans to add to the tea party. Let their creativity flow!

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