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Build a block tower to learn about "turn-taking"

"Turn-taking" is a back-and-forth interaction where each person has the opportunity to have a “turn”. This is a great introduction to sharing which is harder for young children to understand.

The skill of turn-taking is essential for establishing friendships and navigating their way through life.


  • Building a block tower


  • Set the first block in front of a child and invite them to add a block by saying – “your turn”.

  • Acknowledge when your child adds their first block by pausing and saying, “wow, you added a block.

  • You then add another block to the tower and saying “my turn”.

  • During this activity make sure to let the child know how much you enjoy taking turns and how proud you are of your child.

  • Encourage your child to let you know when your turn is next – by asking – “My turn?” That will give your child the sense of empowerment and encouragement.

For older children, you can also teach turn-taking by using a timer and/or by playing a game of cards. Older children will understand the rules of games like “Go Fish” and will have fun taking turns and laughing with everyone.

Materials needed:

  • set of blocks (wooden, plastic or carboard).

  • you can also use other materials like rocks, boxes, etc.



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