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Let's Play: The Sound Game

You can help your child build their working memory, language skills, and self-control with this fun game!

How to Play:
  1. Find a few objects from around your house - for example, a comb, a glass, a book, keys

  2. Have your child look carefully at all the objects, then tell them to close their eyes or even gently blindfold them so they can't see either you or the items

  3. Pick up one of the objects and make a sound with it - for example, run your fingers along the comb, tap the glass, open the book and fan the pages

  4. Ask your child to guess which item made the sound. Let them know if they are correct, or if they should guess again. You can give hints if they find it too difficult.

Be creative and have fun with different items and sounds!

What children learn from this game:

Working memory:

Remembering objects in play


Playing close attention to sounds and connecting sounds to objects

Language skills:

Learning about new objects and the sounds they make; using language to describe sounds and objects.


Guessing without peeking!


Credit to: Building Brains Together |


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