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A game to improve your child's executive functioning


Let's play a game called, 'What is missing?'

Materials needed:

A small blanket or a scarf (not see through).

Some small toys or objects that your child is familiar with -- for example: a small car, a block, a small rock, a leaf etc.


1. First, show your child each item and name them. Make sure your child knows all items.

2. Cover items with a blanket.

3. Ask your child to cover her/his eyes and then take one item out without your child looking.

4. Open the blanket and ask your child which item is missing.


  • For young children, start with three items and add more when your child masters noticing what is missing with three.

  • For older children, let them lead the game and you guess what's missing.


This game helps your child improve their working memory and impulse control, and teaches them how to follow rules. These executive function skills build self-control and flexible thinking, which will benefit your child later on in life including during planning, studying, and working.

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