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5 Low to No-Cost Ways You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Child

There are so many ways to help build your child’s brain, but it can be hard to know where to start! One of the easiest and most important things you can do is to be a positive and responsive caregiver.

This may sound daunting and confusing at first, but we are here to give you some places to start so that you, your child’s first and most important teacher, can give them the strongest foundation possible to build their brain.

What does being a positive and responsive caregiver look like?

Being a positive and responsive caregiver means engaging in lots of serve and return (click here for a refresher on what serve and return is) with your child. Responding to their verbal and non-verbal cues, noticing and naming what they are doing, and simply just making eye contact will help to create a secure and trusting relationship with your child.

So, as a responsive and positive caregiver, how can you spend quality time with your child? Here are five low to no-cost ways:

Edmonton Public Libraries

Edmonton Public Libraries are all over the city and are a great way for you and your child to spend some quality time together, whether that be reading a book, attending a group or exploring the many services they offer. The best part? Memberships are FREE for adults and children who live in the City of Edmonton. Use the link below to access their website to apply for a card, see what services are available or check out some resources:

City of Edmonton Parks

Getting outside with your child provides them with so much opportunity to flourish in all their developmental domains! As you play in the parks, you can narrate what you see; play I-Spy or a scavenger hunt; practice turn taking on equipment; give your infant some tummy time on a blanket in the grass or just be silly and laugh together! Having these small, teachable moments creates a stronger bond between you and your child and lays the foundation for strong brain architecture later in life. Use the link below to check out which park is closest to you.

Tip: Check out our printable activity sheets for fun and engaging activities you can do in the pork with your child!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Children don’t need fancy toys or expensive items to learn. What they need is for you, a responsive and positive caregiver, to be their first and most important teacher! Challenge your child to find items around the house to create something new. What can this cereal box be? What we can create with this empty milk jug? Old socks that don’t have a matching side anymore? Hello, sock puppet! Inspiring creativity while engaging in serve and return interactions with your child sets the stage for success as they age.

Green Shack Program

The “Green Shack” is an initiative created by the City of Edmonton, where a City of Edmonton employee will facilitate crafts, games, and fun for children and their families in various parks around the city during the summer months. As these summer months are quickly approaching, click the link below to see where the closest Green Shack is to you and the start dates.

Norwood Programs and Groups

We couldn’t make a list of fun and intentional ways to spend time with your child without adding Norwood’s groups. Drop into a Stay and Play or a Jumping Gym Time group and get some quality time with your child. Our Explore the Outdoors group will be starting Tuesday, April 4th and is a fantastic way to get outside and explore with your child! Check out our spring Program and Services Guide below for upcoming groups.


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