Early Childhood

Norwood provides programs that strengthen and build the lives of children and their families.


We support the development of your child’s:

  • social skills

  • physical skills

  • language skills

  • intellectual skills

  • creative skills

  • emotional skills

Our program rooms are called 'communities' to include your child as a citizen of their space. They provide your child with a creative, positive play environment to build their skills.

While your child is in program you can meet with Norwood staff, attend parent education groups, or go to an appointment. Families who have a child in Norwood programs can access family support.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)

ASQ stands for Ages and Stages Questionnaire. This screening tool gives you a snapshot of where your child is in their development based on their age. This helps us identify any development delays and most importantly, celebrate the milestones your child achieves. This tool relies on you as the expert about your child.

There are 2 kinds of questionnaires:

  1. Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3)

    • This provides you information about your child across 5 developmental areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem-solving, and personal-social.

  2. Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Social Emotional (ASQ: SE-2)

    • This provides you information about your child’s social and emotional development.

The Early Start and Head Start programs offer a learning through play approach for children ages birth - 5 years old. Norwood follows the theories and practices from the Early Learning and Child Care field. Programs are offered Tuesday to Friday.

Families must meet the Low Income Cut Off through Statistics Canada. Entry is based on the Canadian Social Determinants of Health.

Goals of children's programs:

  • prepare children for school

  • build relationships between parents and their children

  • increase parenting skills through education and community resources

  • support families in building their capacity through home visitation, information, and referrals

We recognize that the parent/caregiver is their child's first and most important teacher. Staff utilize a strength-based approach to support families through their journey from where they are to where they would like to be.

Early Start Program

The licensed and accredited Early Start Program provides a parent relief service and early childhood development programming for children birth to 6 years old.


Families must meet the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) through Statistics Canada. Program entry is based on the Canadian Social Determinants of Health.


The program includes:

  • Learning through play approach

  • Healthy meals and snacks

  • Parent education

  • Family support

  • Home visitation

  • Goal setting

  • Half days and full days

  • Parent/child activities

  • Referrals to other services


Early Start Child Development Programming is for:

  • Children who do not meet developmental milestones in two or more areas

  • Children not accessing other child development programming

*Developmental screening is provided

Parent Respite Program


This licensed and accredited program provides parents with respite care for their children who are birth to 6 years old in order to provide:
   •  Opportunities for parents to take part in various activities, attend appointments, and take care of themselves (doctor appointments, court dates, grocery shopping, etc.). Activities that are more efficient and appropriate to be done without your child present.
   •  Respite from parenting in order to improve family functioning
   •  Children the opportunity to be engaged in a quality early learning program

The program includes:
   •  A learning through play approach
   •  Healthy meals and snacks
   •  Parent education
   •  Family support
   •  Parent/child activities
   •  Referrals to other services

It has allowed us to see areas where we need growth and then using that to fuel our play and pick out what they need. We've made plans with staff on how to develop those skills which allowed us to get the tools in our home for the play that my child needed. I see the amount of improvement and it's amazing.

 - Project Impact Quote -
Parent Handbooks
Parent Respite Program Handbook Current.
Head Start Program

Head start is a free school readiness program utilizing play based activities focused on child development for children 3* to 5 years old. The program is offered in 1/2 day sessions, Tuesday to Friday from September to June. This program is offered at two locations; Central and Northeast Edmonton.  


This program includes:
  •  Learning through play approach
  •  Healthy meals and snacks
  •  Parent education
  •  Family support
  •  Home visitation
  •  Goal setting
  •  Parent/teacher interviews
  •  Speech and Language Therapy (as needed)
  •  Occupational Therapy (as needed)
  •  Healthy snacks 
  •  Health/dental service
  •  Free bussing for families that live in bussing boundaries


* Children must be 3 years old by December 31, 2019.
**Families must meet the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) through Statistics Canada. Program entry is based on the Canadian Social Determinants of Health.


* For information regarding Norwood policies and procedures, please email your request to info@norwoodcentre.com


The Head Start Program is offered at two different locations:

Parent Handbook 2019-2020_Page_01.jpg

Head Start Norwood 

Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre

9516 - 114 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5G 0K7

Head Start Northeast

Newton Community League
5520 - 121 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB T5W 1N9

Head Start Norwood Bussing Boundaries in orange.

Head Start Northeast Bussing Boundaries in purple.

At the beginning it was very stressful because I was leaving my child with someone I didn’t know. I had only let my family watch my child since she was born. No baby sitters. But my child needed to upgrade her English language and increase her social interaction. And now it’s at a normal level. I don’t have anxiety when I bring her here. And the fact that my child did increase in her language and all that, it’s kind of better for her to be here, and all of her milestones are being hit. My child also has a good relationship with staff and she wanted to come.

- Project Impact Comment -

Brain Builders Program

Brain Builders is an exciting new 20 week program at Norwood. Throughout this program, you will be introduced to the different developmental areas of the brain and how to plan experiences to support brain development.

  • Do you wonder how your child’s growth and development happens?

  • Do you want to learn about how the brain is connected to Early Childhood Development?
  • Do you want to help build your child’s brain as they grow?


Sign up for the FREE Brain Builders Program today and learn how you can build your child’s brain during their early years.


Each Session, Early Childhood Education Facilitators will:
  • Present a different developmental area
  • Talk about how to support your child's brain development
  • Introduce fun ways to build your child's brain through play experiences


Brain Builders doesn’t end in the classroom! You will be connected with an Early

Childhood Outreach Worker, who will:
  • Visit you and your child at home to practice what you learn
  • Provide in-home support to build brain development
  • Build on strengths within your family
  • Offer extra information and referrals as needed

Drop In Groups

These fun and free groups are created for you to participate in your child's learning and development. Drop in groups offer a wide variety of activities and resources. Groups connect you and your family with Norwood staff and other families in the north east and central neighbourhoods. 

Groups for: 

  • children birth to 6 years old

  • parents and children to play together

  • accessing parenting information and community resources

  • meeting new people from your community 

For details on times and locations, please see our current Programs and Services Guide on the Community Page.

Facility Hours: 

Mondays - Fridays ***
8:30am - 4:30pm

Saturdays and Sundays closed***

Closed:    Wednesday, July 1

Reopen:   Tuesday, July 2 at 9:00am

*** Programming hours occur outside of the Facility Hours. ***

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