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Virtual Parent Education Groups
During COVID-19 Pandemic
During this time of social distancing, Norwood is offering parenting groups on a virtual platform. We are using ZOOM to reach parents with our parenting programs including Triple P Group, Learning and Literacy, Handle with Care, Empowered Parenting and Brain Builders. While the Triple P program has long been a staple for recommended parenting programs, its prescribed format and set skills leave little room for parents or caregivers to explore what works for them. In the Triple P program, if a skill does not work then it cannot be used and can cause more frustration with parents. While the Triple P program does offer a basic set of discipline skills it lacks in developing relationship and building attachment. There are other programs that give knowledge to parents and a solid foundation into all aspect of parenting. Each group has a slightly different focus while still maintaining the goal of supporting positive parenting practices.
Handle with Care
Handle with Care focuses on developing children’s mental health. It looks at four building blocks, including attachment, relationships with others, expressing emotions, and promoting self-esteem. Handle with Care uses a parent’s own self-reflection to help them understand and develop effective skills. It is useful in understanding why children do the things they do and how we can promote healthy development in children, parents, and create a healthy parent-child relationships. The target for this program is families with children aged birth to six years. This program can take place between four and eight weeks depending on the needs of the participants and the intensity needed.
Learning and Literacy
Learning and Literacy is also known as the LAPS (Literacy and Parenting Skills) program. This group is designed for parents by the facilitator. Facilitators work with the parents to determine what needs to be discussed in the sessions. Parents are in control of the topic while the facilitators compile the information that promotes the best parenting practices. Topics can include positive discipline, child behavior, attachment, self-care, traditional parenting, and many others. Learning and Literacy also works to develop literacy skills in both parents and the children. This group is offered in either six or eight week sessions depending on the needs of the participants. The target of this program is families with children aged birth to six years.
Empowered Parenting
Empowered Parenting is a group that focuses on the health, safety, behavior, and development of children. Facilitators use interactive activities, videos, and conversation related to the topics that develop positive relationships and promote positive parenting skills. The goal of this group is to engage parents in reflective practice and to promote the health and safety of children while giving parents tools for effective parenting. This group is six sessions with a possibility of extension based on participant interest. The target for this program is families with children aged birth to six years.
Brain Builders
Brain Builders is a 20 session group that looks at brain development in children as well as the other six developmental domains; social, physical, language, intellectual, creative, and emotional development. Along with the meeting once a week, parents are also engaged in a “home visit” where facilitators engage with parents over video chat and bridge what they learned in the session to what they are doing at home. The facilitator will walk the parents through the information and how it relates to their everyday lives as parents promoting healthy child development. This group is another alternative as a parenting program since it goes in-depth into child development, bridges learning into everyday practice, and develops parenting skills. The target for this program is families with children aged birth to six years.
Please call us at 780-471-3737 to inquire or register. We'll ask some questions about technology and preferred time. We cannot guarantee that we will set the program on a preferred time but it will give us a reference for what time parents are looking for. Once we have 10 registrants, we will run the group within seven days to give our facilitator time to connect with families, gather demographic information, and drop-off any needed materials.
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