Relentless Connector Program

This C5 initiative is a wraparound approach to support families. Families are supported to lead the direction of their priorities and goals.

This is a partnership with:

  • Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

  • Boyle Street Community Services

  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

  • Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre

  • Terra Centre for Teen Parents

  • Children’s Services

  • Alberta Supports

  • Alberta Health Services Mental Health

This program works from a wraparound approach to support families. As the family, you are supported to lead what your priorities and goals will be. You and your family will be given a Relentless Connector (RC) Facilitator to help you. Together you will lay out your family’s strengths, needs and priorities. You will build a team from your family, community based services and those around you already in your lives to come up with a plan to meet the needs of your family. 


This service is based on an unconditional commitment to the family’s success. If your plan is not working, then your plan is changed, involving you and your family. You and your team keep working until you find what works. The plan and supports needed will be community based, meaning you will get what you need to be successful in your home, school and community. 

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