Their entire futures will be impacted by the critical brain building they do in their first five years.

Help us make sure vulnerable children in our communities get every chance to develop to their full potential. 

Where will your donation dollars go?

As a non-profit organization, we rely on grants and donations to run all of our programming, from our drop-in parent-child developmental play groups to our Parent Respite Program to our in-home family support program.

What does Norwood mean to Edmonton families?
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Donation Suggestions:

Nourish their Brains with Words

By age three, children in low-income homes have heard roughly 1/3 as many words as children in middle to high income homes. By the time they enter school this number is closer to 50%.

Help provide a child with a book
of their own to take home at Christmas:

Nourish their Brains with Food

Good nutrition is critical to the developing brain of a child under six years old. The rising cost of food is causing some parents to have to make hard decisions like alternating weeks they can buy fresh produce with weeks they can buy protein.

Help provide a grocery card
for a family in need:

Help Secure Norwood's Future

Norwood, like all non-profits, relies on grants and donations that have to be re-applied for year after year. Nothing is guaranteed, which makes long-term planning difficult.


In 2021, we launched an Endownment Fund with the Edmonton Community Foundation. This fund will grow to provide a stable source of income.

Donate to our Endowment Fund

From January to November of 2022, Norwood staff made over 7,500 parent referrals for community supports for basic needs such as food, affordable housing, clothing, and furniture.

This is up from
3,900 referrals in all of 2021.

That means more of our parents are under considerable stress - stress that can impact their ability to care for their young children. It is hard to be patient and positive when you are tired and worried all the time.


Norwood's Parent Respite Program provides parents with a few hours of child-free time to attend appointments, clean up and organize their living space, or just rest and regroup. They can get important things done knowing their child is in a safe, play-based, professional program of care with nutritious meals and snacks.

And if they need it, we are here to provide families additional support with parenting groups, home visits, or time with our mental health therapist.


By supporting our Parent Respite Program, you can help parents keep up a safe, positive household for their children and avoid the potential for neglect or abuse to slip in.

Support Norwood's Parent Respite Program:

I would have lost my job ...

“My family is spending more time together after we started accessing Norwood programs. We have better communication with each other and appreciate others. I have been able to go to work consistently with the help I am getting and taking care of my sick partner. My family is practicing more consistency with the routines and was able to have better sleep. Children are now more sociable and there are changes in behavior too. I would have lost my job, Instead, I got promoted and my relationship is secure.”


I am able to be mentally present for all medical appointments ...

"The impact on the quality of life for my family and I has been huge. I’m able to have a chance to actively attend and be mentally present for all medical appointments. This has led me to build a healthy lifestyle based on my newfound ability to effectively communicate and seek necessary medical advice and attention. I’m able to have productive meetings and conversations with the various therapists my autistic son has. My daughter is thriving at Norwood, her social skills and ability to interact with peers and adults has drastically improved. She is happier knowing she will be going to the respite program and playing games and learning in a loving and secure environment. Without Norwood, my daughter wouldn’t get the appropriate developmental skills she needs to thrive. As a mom, I wouldn’t have the chance to actually take care of myself to make sure I’m doing well to be a better mother. As impactful as this program has been to my family life, I know every family that participates is so grateful for such a program."


Without Norwood as a resource, we would be struggling to keep up with the demands of life

This program has given me peace of mind knowing my kids are looked after while I get things done for us. They are making new friends, not as shy and are more open to being creative and using their imagination.  

Without Norwood as a resource, we would be struggling to keep up with the demands of life, while maintaining a fun filled life. We are able to focus more on being together instead of what needs to be done and we are not as stressed or rushed. This has given me the breaks I need to keep our lives together and given my kids the opportunity to socialize and have new adventures they love telling me about. 


Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre is a non-profit agency. We rely completely on donations and grants to provide programs and services that strengthen and enrich the families we serve. 

Revenue Canada Registered Charity Business Number:  89181 4972 RR0001

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