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The First Five Years Project - Developmental Domains: Learning Happens Everywhere

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Norwood Centre

About the Course

Join us for a series that discusses what you need to know about the first five years of your child’s life! After working with many different families, we have created a series of sessions that answer YOUR questions about creating a healthy family. Everything from setting limits, potty training to how to help your child reach their highest potential. Each topic is broken down into two sessions; one for education and one to practice. This program offers a variety of opportunities to connect with other parents, professionals, and most importantly, your own children. Do you want to be a part of The First Five Years Project?

Developmental Domains: Learning Happens Everywhere

Discover how children are building their brains through different play experiences. Let’s find out how blowing bubbles can help develop a child’s ability to focus, how playing with play-dough has an effect on early literacy skills, and how building with blocks strengthens the ability to learn math!

Parent Education Session: September 20 at Norwood Centre
Parent and Child Session: September 27 at Norwood Centre

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