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The First Five Years Project - Development: Supporting the Whole Child

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Norwood Centre

About the Course

Join us for a series that discusses what you need to know about the first five years of your child’s life! After working with many different families, we have created a series of sessions that answer YOUR questions about creating a healthy family. Everything from setting limits, potty training to how to help your child reach their highest potential. Each topic is broken down into two sessions; one for education and one to practice. This program offers a variety of opportunities to connect with other parents, professionals, and most importantly, your own children. Do you want to be a part of The First Five Years Project?

Development: Supporting the Whole Child

Did you know developmental milestones are skills that a child acquires within a specific time frame? Are you interested in information about the important milestones to look for as your child grows and develops? Join us for this session to discuss how you can find resources to support your child’s development as they master new skills.

Parent Education Session: October 18 at Norwood Centre
Parent and Child Session: October 25 at Norwood Centre

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