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Spray Park Adventures!

Drop-in parent and child developmental play group

Visit one of our parent and child play groups to enjoy fun activities with your children and meet new people in your community! Meet us at the park this summer! Enjoy our fun bag of activities, play at the playground, or dress to get wet! Remember to bring your towel!

Montrose Spray Park on Wednesdays (July 5th - August 30th)

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

5920 119 Ave NW

Queen Mary Park on Fridays (July 7th - August 25th)

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

10844 117 Street NW

 See schedule and locations >

Play group details

  • This is a drop-in play group - no registration required. 

  • Play spaces are designed for ages birth to six years.

  • Siblings are welcome as are grandparents and other caregivers.

  • All Norwood programs are FREE to attend.

  • Snacks are served.

Facilitators & child development

All our groups are facilitated by trained, experienced human services professionals who focus on early childhood development and healthy families. Your group facilitators can:

  • Teach you more about developmental milestones

  • Show you how you can support your child's brain development through play

  • Give helpful strategies and tips for potty training, sibling rivalry, setting boundaries, effective discipline, temper tantrums, and other parenting challenges

  • Refer you to other programs and services


If you are dealing with more complex issues in your home that you don’t feel comfortable talking about in the group, ask your facilitator for a follow-up by phone or email – Norwood offers an array of programs and services to support healthy families.



Call 780-471-3737 or contact us via email.

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