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Board of Directors


l-r: Peter Schalk, Amanda Lindberg, Laurie Fagan (Executive Director), Whitney Shaw, Kara Engley, Ana Potzkai, Don Gnatiuk 

Missing: Ashley Snape 

Current Board Members

  • Amanda Lindberg, Board Chair

  • Whitney Shaw, Vice Chair

  • Kara Engley, Treasurer

  • Don Gnatiuk, Director

  • Ana Potzkai, Director

  • Peter Schalk, Director

  • Ashley Snape, Director

We know it is possible to change our city’s future within a generation. Our Board helps make that happen.

 "I am a board member at Norwood because ...

… of Norwood’s commitment to improving the lives of Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens, through compassion, education and empowerment. Their efforts serve to enrich surrounding communities, build support networks and increase resident involvement, making Edmonton a better city for everyone.  Because Norwood is making Edmonton better!" 


…I would like to make an impact in our community, in Edmonton and align with a nonprofit whose mission I also align with, and that happens to be Norwood."


…when I was a new Mom, Norwood was able to provide support to me, so this is my way of being able to give back and to be able to help the most vulnerable people in our city."


… after I had my first baby, I realized that it’s pretty incredible to be with kids and around kids. I know I have the ability and the skill to give back, ... and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since. I am grateful every day that I can give my time and support to this wonderful organization."


Norwood board members regularly interact with staff - by presenting awards at our annual Staff SPIRIT Awards Gala, for example.

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