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Board of Directors


l-r: Peter Schalk, Amanda Lindberg, Laurie Fagan (Executive Director), Whitney Shaw, Kara Engley, Ana Potzkai, Don Gnatiuk 

Missing: Ashley Snape 

Current Board Members

  • Amanda Lindberg, Board Chair

  • Whitney Shaw, Vice Chair

  • Kara Engley, Treasurer

  • Don Gnatiuk, Director

  • Ana Potzkai, Director

  • Peter Schalk, Director

  • Ashley Snape, Director

We know it is possible to change our city’s future within a generation. Our Board helps make that happen.

Experiences in a child’s first six years change their brain in ways that increase or decrease lifelong risk for physical and mental illness, addiction, poverty, and criminal activity.


Vulnerable children’s entire life trajectories can be changed with the right early interventions—leading to safer, more productive communities and fewer demands on hospitals, social services, and prisons. Every $1 spent on prevention saves $4 in later interventions.


That is why Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre tirelessly promotes optimal early child development in some of Edmonton’s most socially and economically challenged neighbourhoods. We strengthen children by strengthening the parents and caregivers who most impact how they learn and grow, using evidence-based programming and services.

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Board of Directors' responsibilities:

  • Providing leadership and direction to the agency

  • Serving as brand ambassadors – active advocates of our programs and our overall purpose

  • Representing our agency to the people and communities we serve

  • Steering the agency’s mission, vision, and guiding principles

  • Setting governance policies to oversee and sustain the delivery of quality programming and services to children and their families

  • Reviewing the agency’s financial needs and approving the annual budget

  • Recruiting and evaluating the performance of the agency’s executive director

  • Role modeling philanthropic support for the agency and supporting fundraising activities

  • Serving on Board committees in response to emerging needs

  • Reviewing Board performance with a focus on continuous improvement

  • Succession planning for board positions and recruiting new board members


  • Approximately one board meeting every other month: 2-3 hours per evening meeting (dinner served)

  • Availability to consult with the organization on matters related to your area of expertise

  • Potential participation on a board committee (e.g., governance): 1-2 hours per quarter as needed

Interested in joining?

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 "I am a board member at Norwood because ...

… of Norwood’s commitment to improving the lives of Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens, through compassion, education and empowerment. Their efforts serve to enrich surrounding communities, build support networks and increase resident involvement, making Edmonton a better city for everyone.  Because Norwood is making Edmonton better!" 


…I would like to make an impact in our community, in Edmonton and align with a nonprofit whose mission I also align with, and that happens to be Norwood."


…when I was a new Mom, Norwood was able to provide support to me, so this is my way of being able to give back and to be able to help the most vulnerable people in our city."


… after I had my first baby, I realized that it’s pretty incredible to be with kids and around kids. I know I have the ability and the skill to give back, ... and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since. I am grateful every day that I can give my time and support to this wonderful organization."


Norwood ensures that board members have opportunities to interact with staff - such as taking part in our annual Staff SPIRIT Awards Gala as award presenters!